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How do you tell when your dog has an allergy, and how do you treat it?

Blog Allergies are not just a scourge for humans, as dogs can also suffer from them. They can result in digestive problems or skin problems, among other things. The skin barrier of an atopic dog is less effective than that of a healthy dog, so adding omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to their diet makes … Read more

BERRYOMG at Dog Fair Finland

Blog Months of preparation culminated in last weekend’s Dog Fair Finland. The fair was held at the Messukeskus fair and convention centre in Helsinki, and BERRYOMG® was there – for the first time, but certainly not the last.  Dog Fair Finland is the biggest such event held in the country, and there were plenty of … Read more

Help for cracking paw pads

Blog Elmo enthusiastically joined the study, and our sea buckthorn oil capsules soon turned out to be the ideal solution for the dehydration that harsh winter conditions inflict on paw pads.  Elmo The autumn and early winter of 2020 was hard on Elmo, an Old Danish Pointer who loves the forest, as the harsh conditions … Read more

Towards a more caring world

Blog  Friday 22 April 2022 was World Earth Day. The day has been held annually since 1970. Its purpose is to encourage all of us – businesses, communities, decision-makers and individuals – to take action together for the good of our planet.  Since its inception, the aim of World Earth Day has been to promote … Read more

Blackcurrant seed oil and sea buckthorn oil are kind to skin and fur

Blog Skin health matters for pets too. If the skin is not in good condition, a dog’s or cat’s paw pads can become cracked, the skin can start to itch, and their coat can lose its shine.  Sometimes the reason for cracked paw pads or other ailments is the weather or other conditions, but a … Read more