Visible results in 2-6 weeks


Help for cracking paw pads

Elmo enthusiastically joined the study, and our sea buckthorn oil capsules soon turned out to be the ideal solution for the dehydration that harsh winter conditions inflict on paw pads. 


The autumn and early winter of 2020 was hard on Elmo, an Old Danish Pointer who loves the forest, as the harsh conditions dried up his paw pads and made them less supple than they need to be. In January, I realised that Elmo needed help, and as luck would have it, I came across an ad looking for participants in research on the health effects of berry oils for dogs. We signed up right away for Elmo to take part!

While we waited for the study to start, Elmo’s paw pads became even drier. Our dog wasn’t actually suffering from the condition of his paw pads, so I kept an eye on his condition until the beginning of the study.

By the end of the study Elmo's paw pads were smooth and bouncy, except for a few superficial scratches

Soon Elmo was able to start taking the BERRYOMG oil capsules. Although Elmo is quite a picky eater, he always ate the capsules from his food first. Towards the end of the study, Elmo already recognised the sound of the capsule jar and excitedly ran for his dose.

After a few weeks of research, the weather turned bitterly cold. When the weather was at its coldest, Elmo’s paw pads were so dry that they would crack and bleed when we went out. I decided to wait a couple of days for his paw pads to begin healing before taking the dog to the vet to see if antibiotics were necessary. The cracks looked better after a couple of days, and after a week there was not the slightest sign of bleeding. Elmo’s skin also remained in good condition, and his coat retained its lustre despite the freeze.

Read about the study that Elmo participated in: Study on the health effects of sea buckthorn oil.

“There’s no doubt that we will continue to give Elmo sea buckthorn oil capsules. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this really interesting study!”

BERRYOMG® products are made in Finland, and have been formulated through scientific research on the health benefits of berry oils, fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins.