Visible results in 2-6 weeks

Did you know your pets could benefit from natural and pure berry oils?


Use of the product

The capsules are also suitable for cats.

You can give the capsule as such or mix it with food. You can also open the capsule from the tip with scissors or with a needle, squeeze the oil out and mix it with the food. All the active substances are in the oil. Please consider that the oil is colourful, so you may not want to let your pet play with the capsule: if it breaks, the oil may tarnish textiles.

The capsule only comes in one size. One capsule per day is suitable for small dogs that weigh under 10 kilos.

It depends on the individual pet, but typically the results are seen in 4 to 12 weeks.

No, we have not added anything extra to the capsules. According to our experience, most dogs eat the capsules with a good appetite either as such or mixed with food. For cats we recommend that you puncture the capsule and mix the oil with food.

With oil products in general, there is always a risk of heartburn, but in our experience and in the experience of dogs in our consumer study, the risk is very low.

Yes, the capsules can still be used as usual. Natural plant-based oils contain waxes that can precipitate, especially when stored in the cold. By heating the capsules, the precipitation dissolves. 

Product content

The capsules contain berry oils that are carefully extracted from berries and berry seeds. Berry oils naturally maintain omega-3, omega-6, omega-7, and omega-9 fatty acids.

Ingredients used in the capsules include buckthorn, lingonberry and blackcurrant seeds and buckthorn berries.

The crust is made of maize starch.

There are no animal-based substances in the product, it is entirely plant-based and vegan.

No, the product do not contain any genetically modified ingredients.


Store the capsules in a dry place in room temperature. Protect them from direct sunlight.

Plant-based oils are very prone to oxidation. Oxidation deteriorates the quality of the oils and decreases their effectiveness. The capsule effectively shields the berry oils from oxidation. Capsules are also a handy, neat and effortless way to add oil to your pet’s diet.

Quality and Manufacturing

The effectiveness of the product is based on scientifically proven knowledge of the health benefits of berry oils, fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

The berry oils are produced with an SFE method, in which the berries are pressed with pressurised carbon dioxide. This method allows the oil to be separated aseptically. No organic solvents are used during the process, so the product has nothing extra in it.

The supercritical fluid extraction is the only method that prevents the oxidation of the oils, ensures the purity of the final product, and preserves the valuable bioactive ingredients. It is also an eco-friendly process.

Both the final products and the raw materials go through a strict quality control. The quality and purity of each production batch and supply of raw materials is checked at our own laboratory. Our quality and purity requirements for our pet products are the same as for product aimed at humans.

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