Visible results in 2-6 weeks

– keeps the coats shiny and tails happy.

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Teppo has a very dry skin, especially during winter: the skin in his groin is so dry it becomes scaly. Last winter Teppo regularly had BERRYOMG Silk & Shine capsules, and the problem never appeared.

Teppo | 7 years old | Parson Russell Terrier

In the winter 2020, Elmo's paws dried out and lost their elasticity. Elmo tried BERRYOMG Vitality & Defence capsules and now his paws are smooth and bouncy! Sea buckthorn oil capsules will continue to be a part of his diet.

Elmo | 2 years old | Old Danish Pointer

Fatty acids keep the pet’s skin and coat healthy. For example, the omega-3 fatty acids are essential for both cats and dogs.

Dr. Johanna Anturaniemi | animal nutrition specialist