Visible results in 2-6 weeks

BERRYOMG® – keeps the coats shiny and tails happy.

BERRYOMG® products are a line of dietary supplements for the wellbeing of your dog or cat. Made of berry oils, they are rich in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants. 

The BERRYOMG® product line was created in collaboration with pet nutrition specialist. The effectiveness of our products is based on scientific research on the health benefits of berry oils, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins.

BERRYOMG® products are a natural way to diversify your dog’s or cat’s diet. Did you know that the fatty acid composition of berry seed oils is unique?


Silk & Shine

Berry oil supplement made from black currant seed oil and sea buckthorn oil for healthy skin and shiny coat

Vitality & Defence

Berry oil supplement made from Sea Buckthorn oil for pets suffering from dry eyes and dry, cracked paws. Improves the vitality of senior pets.


Omega-3 berry oil supplement made from lingonberry seed oil. Does not contain fish oil. 

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Scientifically proven

Teppo has a very dry skin, especially during winter: the skin in his groin is so dry it becomes scaly. Last winter Teppo regularly had BERRYOMG Silk & Shine capsules, and the problem never appeared.

Teppo | 7 years old | Parson Russell Terrier

In the winter 2020, Elmo's paws dried out and lost their elasticity. Elmo tried BERRYOMG Vitality & Defence capsules and now his paws are smooth and bouncy! Sea buckthorn oil capsules will continue to be a part of his diet. ”

Elmo | 2 years old | Old Danish Pointer

Fatty acids keep the pet’s skin and coat healthy. For example, the omega-3 fatty acids are essential for both cats and dogs.

Dr. Johanna Anturaniemi | animal nutrition expert